Guccio Gucci was founded in the 1930s

Gucci has always been high-end fashion brands, luxury, sexy and famous, as “a symbol of status and wealth,” Brand become rich consumer darling of high society, the business community has always been favored, while yet elegant fashion. Gucci is now Italy’s largest fashion groups. Brand clothing, shoes, purses, watches, home accessories, pet supplies, scarves and neckties and perfumes

“Gucci Kingdom” by the Guccio Gucci was founded in the 1930s. He opened the first store in Florence, launched a series of iconic products, including the famous bamboo package. GUCCI From renowned international fashion industry. Over time, this well-known clothing store has been given a luxurious, sexy, modern quality. It is for the ultimate modern luxury. In 1970, the brand began to get involved in the perfume industry. Since then, it introduced such as: Envy perfume, eau de toilette, men’s fragrances and later introduced the Envy me2 perfume sexy, charismatic perfume

After the history of the development in 1921 to return to Florence, he opened a specialized high-end luggage accessories and equestrian supplies store, selling the best local craftsmen exquisite leather goods, and in the above marked Gucci (GUCCI) mark.

Gucci in 1938 in Rome, opened the first store.
Gucci designed in 1947 to replace bamboo handle leather bag, this design is still a classic. By the 1950s, a source from the red, green and red striped horse girth was used as a fitting decoration design Gucci, became another sign of the brand design.

Development History

In 1953, Gucci’s brand reputation has been rising. This year, Gucci Austria died, and the company’s New York branch opened in the same year, it marked the Gucci began to attack the global market.

In 1970, Gucci’s global expansion point to the Far East, Hong Kong and Tokyo, with its stores. Leadership of the company in the early 1980s by Maurizio Gucci. Gucci grasp, but this time, Gucci family’s internal strife affected the company, Gucci’s brand image began to decline. In 1990, the American Tom. Ford joined Gucci, as the company’s women’s creative director. His arrival signaled the start of Gucci revolutionary change.

Development History

In 1994, Tom. Ford was appointed creative director of Gucci whole product group, in March the following year, he launched it’s reputation soared in the silk shirt, velvet mohair coat and pants, create a collection of modern, sexy, glamorous in a new image. Tom. Ford Gucci drastic reorganization will change this traditional brand new modern endorsement by, making Gucci became the youngest position undoubtedly was the most successful.

Since 1994, Gucci has been the most influential fashion brands in the world super heavyweight. At the same time, it began the high-quality brand of global fashion industry recruiting sects, France Yves Saint Laurent and a number of classic brands have become members of the Gucci Group. September 2002, Frida joined Gucci handbags and served as design director. Two years later, she was promoted to accessories unprecedented creative director, responsible for bags, shoes, luggage, small leather goods, scarves, fine jewelry, gifts, watches and glasses and other products. Hold office during her unique self-confidence and determination to make Gucci’s accessories business gained a new life she reinterprets classic elements of Gucci in the past (such as “Flowers” scarf patterns and knight image), the ancient tradition of heavy breath of fresh vitality and bring fashion sexy new image. March 2005, Frida was appointed creative director of Gucci women’s clothing, as well as oversee all accessories products. In January 2006, she also began to take over men’s series, from Frida became the sole creative director of Gucci brand. Frida the fresh ideas and fresh perspective with her pleasant interpretation of the Gucci perfect combination of traditional style, won the hot pursuit of global fashion.

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Gucci watches as Swiss watches have always been favored

Gucci watches as Swiss watches have always been favored by everyone, so we watch some problems, then it is very sad, in order to avoid these situations we will have to do maintenance work on the daily wear process. Let Gucci service center – a professional technician when finishing Hengda watch repair center to give us answers to some of this knowledge. For damp Gucci watches how to deal with?

General machinery Gucci watches affected by the tide, use a dry cotton pressed on Gucci watches, then 40-watt light bulb bake 5 minutes, you can list all the moisture is evaporated. If the quartz electronic Gucci watches affected by the tide, the desirability of a number of small calcium chloride, wrapped with gauze. Then open the electronic table cover, calcium chloride and electronic form wrapped in a plastic bag or glass together into an airtight seal. Usually three hours or so can be in addition to wave, the electronic table back to normal. For severe damp Gucci watches moisture absorption time may be extended.

2, how to care of their Gucci watches it?

Usually best not to wear every day, just the same Gucci watches, should be more prepared several different Gucci watches are used interchangeably, in addition to a wealth of personal style, but also to avoid dust, dirt confined to the same body only Gucci watch. For the leather strap, but also to be treated with care, so as not to use every day wear and tear caused by recurrent pulling strap, even if the surface of the new new, Gucci watches look very old.

3, should not sleep with a Gucci watch.

The Gucci watch worn on the wrist to sleep, if Gucci watch is luminous watch, it will give the body adversely affected. This is because the light-emitting material on luminous watch dial pointer and painted, mainly a mixture of radium and zinc sulfide, radium emit rays can stimulate the zinc sulfide crystal light.

Above is Gucci service center – when fine watch repair center Hengda professional technicians to

We explain the circumstances of the maintenance of the watch, after you read hope can help to you if you have any questions or if you watch what appeared then that you can go to the official website or call our telephone consultation to consultation, we professional technicians will detail for you to answer. I wish you a happy life.

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